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NrArtistTitle1Title2T.LabelStateConditionCommentsPrice €
3725 Strange Billy James bond theme007 theme SiCRESCENDO320USAM- 11,00
7944 Wilfried Orange08/15 lass die Arschbacken locker SiPolydor 2042410GERM-/M-PS7,00
1276 Boney M Kalimba la luna10.000 lightyears SiHansaGERM-/M-PS5,00
6670 Stevens Cat Oh very young100 I dream SiA&MUSAM- 7,00
1105 Dee Johnny In my simple way1000 concrete blocks SiCOLONIAL 435USAVG++ 18,00
278 Shayne Ricky Fantastic1000 Dollar SiHansa 14522GERVG++/M-PS7,00
819 Lage Klaus 1000 und eine NachtMama's Liebling SiMUSIKANTGERM-/M-PS7,50
414 Stevens Cat Oh very young1001 dreams SiIsland 13252GERM-/M-PS8,00
3037 Stills Young Band Long may you run12/8 Blues SiREP 14446GERVG+/M-PS removed sticker15,00
8201 Howland Chris 1234567 wo ist meine Braut gebliebenGnädige Frau wo warn sie gestern SiColumbia 21887GERVG++/M-PS12,00
2440 Russell Bobby 1432 Franklin pike circle heroLet's talk about it SiBELL 90020GERM-/M-PS15,00
3869 Prince When doves cry17 days SiWBGERVG++/M-PS,SOC5,00
5411 Hardcastle Paul 19Eat your heart out SiCHRYSALISGERM-/M-PS,WOC6,00
6152 Red Baron Heya heya1968 overture SiCBS 7269GERVG++/M-PS12,00
7874 After The Fire 1980 FJoanne SiEpic 6423GERM-/M.-PS8,00
7407 Ferry Bryan A hard rain's gonna fall2 H B SiIsland 12982GERVG/VG++PS6,00
576 Matchbox 24 hoursArabella's on her way SiMAGNETGERM-/VG++PS5,00
5178 Diamond Neil 24 Welterfolge  LPCBS 14355GERM-/M-ST,2LP15,00
3408 Tom Robinson Band 2-4-6-8 motorwayI shall rereleased SiEMIGERVG++/M-PS6,00
7473 Silverstein Shel A front row seat to hear ole Johnny sing26 second song SiCOL 45450USAVG++ST Johnny Cash25,00
564 Herr Trude Oh Heinrich33144 X SiPHILIPSGERM- 11,00
5568 Herr Trude Oh Heinrich33144X SiPhilips 345244GERVG++/M-PS25,00
6576 Dave Clark Five Put a little love in your heart34-06 SiCOL 90695GERVG++/M-PS8,00
7192 Glitter Gary Oh what a fool I've been365 days SiArista 99595GERM-/M-PS6,00
2268 Queen You're my best friend39 SiEMI 97944NLVG++/VG++PS25,00
5239 Jürgens Udo 4 titles EP  SiBalkatonBULGVG++/M-PS25,00
51 Mungo Jerry My girl and me46 and on SiPye 12425GERM-/M-PS8,00
6211 Supermax Living in another world5 past 4 SiGIGAM-/M-PS5,00
4901 Joel Billy My life52nd street SiCBSGERVG++/M-PS5,00
4016 Red Baron Gimme love6 o'clock SiCBS 5899GERM-/M-PS,PR10,00
4108 Lovin Spoonful 6 o'clockYou're a big boy now SiKama Sutra 618018GERM-/M-PS18,00
4717 Jürgens Curd 60 Jahre und kein bisschen WeiseWenn SiPolydorAM-/M-PS7,00
3230 Jersey Jack 63748Keep it in the middle SiTELDECGERVG++/M-PS6,00
3077 Clarin hans 77 little girlsMademoiselle sie brauchen mich SiVOGUE 14062GERVG+/M-PS15,00
1156 Relax Ja mei866390,7 SiAriolaGERM-/VG++PS4,00
3411 Jackson Michael 9 fragmenten uit de nieuwe elpee bad  SiEPIC PRO 419NLM-/M-PS, onesided promo15,00
7634 Easton Sheena 9 to 5Moody SiEMI 07351GERM-/M-PS6,00
5723 Ofarim Esther Und Abi Don't think twice it's alright900 miles from my home SiPhilips 345866NLVG++/M-PS20,00
4712 Dr.Hook Body talking99 and me SiMerc 6000624GERM-/M-PS7,00
7460 Bon Jovi Bad medicine99 in the shade SiMercuryUSAVG++/M-PS7,00
2061 Nena 99 LuftballonsIch bleib im Bett SiCBSNLM-/M-PS6,00
3038 Nena 99 red ballons99 Luftballons SiEpicUSAVG++ 8,00
3038 Nena 99 red ballons99 Luftballons SiEpicUSAVG++ 8,00

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