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7769 Albert Urel C&W meet R&BC&W meets R&BSiSugar Hill 017USAM- 15,00
2514 Allan Johnnie Promised landLet's do itSiPolydorGERVG++/M-PS12,00
4319 Anderson Lynn No another timeThere ought to be a lawSiMabel 10123GERM-/M-PS8,00
5191 Anderson Lynn Rose GardenNothing between usSiCBS 5360GERVG++/M-PS8,00
7485 Arnold Eddy Cuddle buggin babyEnclosed one broken heartSiRCA 48-0342USAM-green vinyl15,00
5265 Barnett Bobby The losing kindA long way to goSiK-Ark 766USAVG++ 9,00
5994 Blanchard Jack And Misty Morgan Tennessee birdwalkThe clock of St.JamesSiMercury 6052016NLM-/M-PS20,00
3700 Bond Johnny The great figure 8 raceSadie was a ladySiSTARD. 731USAM- 14,50
1171 Canadian Sweethearts Looking back to seeToo far gone (l.Starr)SiEPIC 10205USAM-Promo15,00
840 Cash Johnny Ring of fireBonanzaSiCBS 4508NLM-/M-PS28,00
1754 Cash Johnny You're the nearest thing to heavenThe ways of a woman in loveSiSUN 302USAM- 15,00
2287 Cash Johnny A thing called loveDaddySiCBS 7797GERM-/M-PS15,00
2616 Cash Johnny If I had a hammerI gotta boySiCBS 8249NLVG++/M-PS18,00
3397 Cash Johnny A boy named sueSan quentinSiCBS4460GERVG+/VG++PS7,00
4455 Cash Johnny Slow riderLoading coalSiCBS2161NLM- 10,00
4584 Cash Johnny KateThe miracle manSiCBS 8036NLM-/M-PS12,00
4596 Cash Johnny Papa was a good manI promise youSiCBS 7581GERM-/VG++PS15,00
5070 Cash Johnny Wo ist zu Hause MamaViel zu spätSiCBS 6271GERM-/M-PS,PR70,00
5886 Cash Johnny OneyCountry trashSiCBS 8326GERM-/M-PS15,00
6517 Cash Johnny A boy named sueSan quentinSiCBS 4460GBM-tri, PROMO20,00
7318 Cash Johnny Bull riderLonesome to the boneSiCBS 8661NLM-/M-PS15,00
7345 Cash Johnny Waylon Jennings I wish I was crazy againThere ain't no good chain gangSiCOL 10742USAM- 7,00
2536 Cline Patsy CrazyWho can I count onSiDecca 31317USAM- 20,00
584 Collins Tommy Be serious annShinding in the barnSiCOL 43628USAM-PR7,50
586 Collins Tommy If you can't bite don't growlMan machineSiCOL 43489USAM- 7,50
591 Collins Tommy No love have IThat's the way love isSiCAP 3466USAM-PR, SOL7,50
2290 Collins Tommy Wreck of the old 97You belong in my armsSiCAP 4327USAM-PR7,50
7069 Daniels Charly The devil went down to georgiaRainbow rideSiEpic 7737GERVG++/M-PS8,00
4045 Davis Mac Rock n roll I gave you the bestEmily suzanneSiCBSGERVG++/VG++PS6,00
884 Davis Skeeter The end of the worldSomebody loves youSiRCA 8098USAM- 8,50
398 Dean Jimmy Big bad johnI won't go huntin with you jakeSiPhilips 322811GERM- 10,00
3647 Dean Jimmy To a sleeping beautyThe cajun queenSiCOL 4-42282USAVG++/M-PS10,00
4106 Dean Jimmy Gonna raise a rukus tonightSmoke smoke smoke that cigaretteSiCBS 281151NLM-/M-PS15,00
1114 Denver John I'd rather be a cowboySunshine on my shoulderSiRCA 740955GERM-/M-PS8,00
1534 Denver John I'm sorryCalypsoSiRCA 10353GERVG++/M-PS5,00
3824 Denver John Take me home country roadsPoems prayers and promisesSiColl. 86019USAMRE8,00
4528 Denver John It makes me giggleSpiritSiRCA 10687GERVG++/M-PS5,00
5441 Denver John Take me home country roadsPoems prayers and promisesSiRCA PB 9049GERM-/M-PS,SWOBC10,00
8120 Denver John Leaving on a jetplaneBack home againSiRCAGERM-/M-PS20,00
2511 Dolan Ramblin Jimmie Black denim trousers and motorcycle bootsYou don't love meSiCAP 3254USAM-PR8,50
2647 Dolan Ramblin Jimmie Jolly captain huddlesteadWhat's another broken heartSiCAP 3157USAM-PR8,50
3968 Driftwood Jimmie The bear flew over the oceanJohn paul jonesSiRCA 47-7603USAM-PR11,00
7071 Dudley Dave Six days on the roadTruck drivin son of a gunSiPolydor 2040227GERM-/M-PS7,00
7545 Dudley Dave I wish I could sprechen sie deutschWooden heartSiBellaphon 10013002GERM-/M-PS8,00
1837 Dusty Slim A pub with no beerOnce when I was musteringSiCOL 4212GBVG++tri20,00
2915 Farmer Boys No oneYearning burning heartSiCAP 3827USAM-PR,WOL20,00
3558 Farmer Boys It pays to advertiseYou liedSiCAP 3246USAM- 20,00
4053 Fell Terry Wham bam hot ziggity zamConsulation priceSiRCA 47-6515USAM- 7,50
6824 Felts Narvel Lonely teardropsI remember youSiABCGERVG++/M-PS6,00
632 Foley Red Mansion over the hilltopI believeSiDECCA 28694USAM 6,00
4815 Foley Red Rock n reelinDon't blame it on the girlSiDecca 30067USAM-PR,SOL14,50
7832 Foley Red Skinnie minnieThank you for callingSiDecca 29228USAM-Promo10,00
7726 Gibson Don Oh lonesome meSea of heartbreakSiRCAGERM-/M-PS,RE oldie serie7,00
4432 Harris Emmylou Pledging my loveBaby better start turnin em downSiWB 29218USAM- 6,00
6948 Harris Emmylou Two more bottles of wineefying gravitySiWB 17158GERM-/M-PS6,00
3320 Homer And Jethro The battle of kookamongaWaterlooSiRCA 7585USAM- 7,50
6707 Horton Johnny Sink the bismarkThe same old tale the crow told meSiCOL 41568USAM-/VG++PS25,00
5638 Johnny And Jack Bye bye loveI overlooked an orchidSiDecca 31472USAM-PR,SOL8,00
1015 Kilgore Merle It's all over nowEveryday's holidaySiEPIC 5-9762USAM- 6,00
3200 Kilgore Merle Tom Dooley Jr.Hang dollSiIMP 5555USAVG++ 12,00
5454 Kristofferson Kris Lay me downForever in your loveSiMon 6279GERM-/M-PS8,00
4061 Laine Frankie Moonlight gamblerLotus landSiCOL 40780USAM- 11,00
5637 Laine Frankie High noonJezebelSiCBS 1282NLVG++/VG++PS18,00
6074 Laine Frankie RawhideThe hanging treeSiCBS 1184NLVG++/M-PS,WOC,WOL15,00
5409 Loudermilk John D. Language of loveDarling janeSiRCA 45.7938USAVG++ 18,00
8188 McCall C.W. ConvoyLong lonesome roadSiMGM 2006560GERVG++/M-PS7,00
2552 Miller Frankie The country music who's whoBringing mary homeSiStarday 739USAM- 20,00
544 Miller Jody Silver threads and golden needlesMelody for robinSiCAP 5429USAM-/M-PS10,00
777 Miller Ned Magic moonAnother fool like meSiFABOR 121USAM- 7,50
7138 Miller Ned Invisible tearsOld restless oceanSiFabor 128USAM- 12,00
699 Miller Roger Tomorrow night in baltimoreA million years or soSiMERC 73190USAM- 6,00
1104 Miller Roger Waterhole #3Rainbow valleySiSMASH 2121USAVG++/M-PS14,50
1212 Miller Roger Engine engine No 9The last word in lonesome is meSiPhilips 320193GERVG++/M-PS15,00
1386 Miller Roger Engine engine #9The last word in lonesome is meSiSMASH 1983USAVG++ 6,00
1445 Miller Roger Husbands and wivesI've been a long time leavinSiSMASH 2024USAVG++ 6,00
2796 Miller Roger You can't roller skate in a buffalo herdTrain of lifeSiPhilips 320225NLVG++/VG++PS15,00
3654 Miller Roger Dang meGot 2 againSiSmash 1881USAM-/M-PS18,00
4234 Miller Roger Hand for the hogRiver in the rainSiMCA 52663USAM- 6,00
4467 Miller Roger Hoppy's goneThe day I jumped from uncle harvey's planeSiMERC 73354USAM- 8,50
5220 Miller Roger Engine engine Nö.9The last word in lonesome is meSiPhilips 320 193NLVG++/VG++PS12,00
7080 Miller Roger King of the roadAtta boy girlSiPhilips 320187GERM- 10,00
7508 Miller Roger Lock stock and teardropsI know who it isSiRCA 8175USAM- 8,00
4189 Nelson Willie Always on my mindAutumn leavesSiCBS 4455NLM-/M-PS7,00
1695 Parsons Bill All amercan boyRubber dollySiFRAT.835USAM-Bobby Bare14,50
8154 Price Ray Crazy armsYou done me wrongSiPhilips 324585NLM- 12,00
3793 Pullins Leroy The interstate is coming through my outhouseSwimming at the bottom of the poolSiKapp119NLVG++/VG++PS25,00
7788 Raye Susan L.A.International airportMerry go round of loveSiCAPGERVG/M-PS,RE oldie serie8,00
1372 Reeves Jim I won't forget youA stranger's just a friendSiRCA 47-9552GERVG+/M-PS12,00
1908 Reeves Jim Penny candyI'll follow youSiAbbott170USAVG+ 7,00
3854 Reeves Jim I won't come in while he's thereMaureenSiRCA47-9057GERVG++/M-PS15,00
6040 Reeves Jim He'll have to goIn a mansion stands my loveSiRCA 47-7643GERVG+/M-PS12,00
7416 Reeves jim Whispering hopeI'd like to beSiRCA 1223GBVG++ 10,00
7139 Robbins Marty El pasoDevil womanSiCBS 3188NLVG++/VG+PS12,00
1342 Rogers Kenny Coward of the countyI want to make you smileSiUAGERM-/M-PS6,00
1398 Rogers Kenny LadySweet music manSiUA 006 83008GERM-/M-PS5,00
2570 Rogers Kenny Love or something like itStarting againSiUAGERVG++/M-PS6,00
3803 Rogers Kenny Every time two fools collideWe love each otherSiUAGERM-/M-PS,w/D.West5,00
5833 Rogers Kenny Islands in the streamMidsummer nightsSiRCA 60107GERM-/M-PS, Dolly Parton6,00
6759 Rogers Kenny I don't need youWithout you in my lifeSiLibertyNLM-/M-PS5,00
7473 Silverstein Shel A front row seat to hear ole Johnny sing26 second songSiCOL 45450USAVG++ST Johnny Cash25,00
2220 Torok Mitchell Baby baby babyFallin in love againSiREP 0568USAVG++PR11,00
2662 Torok Mitchell California morninHammer me a houseSiCALICO 10035USAM- 7,50
2670 Torok Mitchell I need all the help I can getThe man with the golden handSiRCA 47-8646USAM- 7,50
2671 Torok Mitchell All over again againYou can't get there from hereSiCOL 41358USAM-as Great Pretender14,50
4679 Torok Mitchell El tigreEating my heart outSiMERC 71816USAVG++ 15,00
4781 Torok Mitchell How muchBe kind to meSiDecca 30599USAM-Promo15,00
7791 Torok Mitchell Red light green lightNo money downSiDecca 29863USAM- 25,00
5965 Travis Randy All the praisesShe's my womanSiPaula 431USAM- 8,00
4918 Van Dyke Leroy AuctioneerI fell in love with a pony tailSiDOT 15503USAVG++ 14,50
5224 Weissberg Eric Dueling banjosReuben's trainSiWB 0309USAM- 11,00
786 Williams Don I recall a gypsy womanShe's in love with a rodeo manSiABC 17054GERM-/MPS, SOC6,00
1326 Williams Don I'm just a country boyIt's gotta be magicSiABCGERM-/M-PS5,00
2274 Williams Don Falling againI keep putting off getting over youSiMCAGERM-/M-PS5,00
2598 Williams Don Good ole boys like meWe're all the waySiMCAGERVG++/M-PS5,00
2938 Williams Don Some broken hearts never mendI'll forgive but I'll never forgetSiABC 17736GERM-/M-PS6,00
6072 Williams Don Time on my handsFalling in loveSiABCGERM-/M-PS6,00
6132 Williams Don I believe in youIt only rains on meSiMCA 102360GERM-/M-PS6,00
6257 Williams Don I would like to see you againLay down beside meSiMCA32710GERM-/M-PS5,00
6288 Williams Don You're my best friendWhere are youSiABC-DOT 17367GERVG+/M-PS,taped cover5,00
5349 Wills Bob Echo yodelNew osage stompSiDecca 29682USAM-PR,SOL11,00
7636 Wooley Sheb The purple people eaterI can't believe you're mineSiMGMUSAM-RE6,00
4816 Wynette Tammy Stand by your manYour good girl's gonna be badSiEPIC 7137NLM-/M-PS12,00

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