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5067 Allen Rex Sings and tells tales LPMERC MG20752USAVG++/M-M,PROMO40,00
2318 Bruce Ed If I could just go home LPRCA LSP 3948USASSST,CO30,00
5162 Buckaroos Strike again LPCAP ST 2828USAVG++/M-ST25,00
2304 Cash Johnny Is coming to town LPMERC 832031USASSST,CO18,00
5318 Cash Johnny Strawberry cake LPCOL KC 34088USAVG++/M-ST28,00
5156 Coe David Allan Tennessee Whiskey LPCOL 37454USAM-/M-ST18,00
537 Collins Tommy On tour LPCOL CS 9578USAVG++/M-ST40,00
8439 Collins Tommy Shinding LPTower DT 5107USAVG++/M-ST60,00
998 Curless Dick Travelin man LPTower T5015USAVG++/M-M40,00
5080 Curless Dick The last blues song LPCAP 11211USAVG+/M-ST300,00
7237 Curless Dick All of me belongs to you LPTower ST5066USAVG++/M-ST35,00
8404 Dean Jimmy Greatest hits LPCBS S 62727GERM-/M-ST20,00
1637 Dickens Jimmy Jimmy Dickens sings LPDecca DL 74967USAM-/M-ST25,00
7670 Downing Big Al Same LPTeam TRA 2001USAM-/M-ST40,00
5089 Ford Tennessee Ernie Civil war songs of the south LPCAP T 1540USAM-/M-M40,00
7647 Frizzell Lefty The one and only LPCBS 62188NLM-/M-M30,00
130 Greene Lorne Lorne Greene's american west LPRCA LSP 3409GERVG++/M-ST30,00
1219 Greene Lorne Bonanza LPRCA LSP 2583USAVG/M-ST, water damaged cover25,00
5131 Greene Lorne The man LPRCA LSP 3302USASSST30,00
8429 Horton Johnny Makes history LPCOL CS 8269USAVG++/M-ST, 360 sound label35,00
5011 Jennings Waylon Folk country LPRCA LSP 3523USAM-/M-ST25,00
7262 Jones George Sings the great songs of Leon Payne LPMusicor MS3204USAVG++/M-ST60,00
7266 King Claude Meet Claude King LPCOL CS 8610USAM-/M-ST collector's serie20,00
1611 Mullins Dee The continuing story LPPLANT. PLP 4USASSST22,00
2306 Nesbitt Jim Truck drivin cat with nine wives LPChart CHS 1005USAM-/M-ST35,00
149 Owens Buck Instrumental hits of LPCAP ST 2367USAVG++/M-ST30,00
6109 Owens Buck Together again / My heart skips a beat LPCAP T 2135USAM-/M-M35,00
5123 Pierce Webb Same ( first album ) LPDecca 8129USAVG++/M-M, second label25,00
5170 Pullins Leroy Funny bones and hearts LPKapp KS 3557USAM-/M-ST, timing strip on frontcover40,00
807 Sahm Doug Hell of a spell LPTakoma 72775USASSST25,00
218 Shacklefords The Shacklefords sing LPCAP T2450USAM-/M-M55,00
5142 Skinner Jimmie Country singer LPDecca DL 4132USAVG++/M-M50,00
5155 Stevens Ray Turn your radio on LPJbellaphon 15123GERM-/M-ST15,00
8392 Stonewall Jackson Greatest Hits LPCBS 62587NLM-/M-ST20,00
7419 Taylor Chip Last chance LPWB K56036GBM-/M-ST18,00
252 Walker Jerry Jeff Walker's collectibles LPMCA 450USAM-/M-ST.CO18,00
8382 Wooley Sheb That's my pa and that's my ma LPMGM SE 4026USAM-/M-ST28,00

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