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NrArtistTitle1Title2T.LabelStateConditionCommentsPrice €
1432 Yancey Makin music for moneyRace horseSiBELLAPHONGERVG++/VG++PS6,00
2457 Yarbrough And People Don't stop the musicYou're my songSiPHONOGRAMMGERM-/M-PS,6,00
1069 Yardbirds Shapes of thingsPafff bumSiEpic 9910GERVG++/VG++PS40,00
2064 Yazoo Don't goWinter killsSiMUTEGERM-/M-PS5,00
1426 Yes Owner of a lonely heartOur songSiAtco 79-9817GERM-/M-PS6,00
3683 Young John Paul Yesterday's heroThe next timeSiAriola 16631GERVG++/VG++PS8,00
52 Young Neil Zuma LPREP 54057GBM-/M-ST25,00
1822 Young Neil Like a hurricaneThe old country waltzSiREP 14484GERVG+/VG++PS12,00
2578 Young Neil Captain kennedyStayin powerSiRepriseUSAM- 8,00
4067 Young Neil WonderinPayola bluesSiGeffen 3581NLVG++/M-PS8,00
4469 Young Neil Weight of the worldPressureSiGEFFENUSAM-/M-PS6,00
5875 Young Neil Little thing called loveWe R in controlSiGeffenUSAVG++/M-PS,SOC,PR8,00
6470 Young Neil Heart of goldSugar mountainSiREP 14140GERM-/M-PS10,00
7434 Young Neil Comes a timeLotta loveSiREP 14492NLM-/M-PS18,00
6507 Young Paul Come back and stayYoursSiCBS 3636NLM-/M-PS6,00

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