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2291 Qualtinger Helmut Der gschupfte Ferdl Der halbwildeWeil mir so fad ist, Der Papa wirdís schon richtenSiKabarett 118VG++/VG++PS,EP18,00
919 Quatro Suzi If you can't give me loveCream dreamSiRAKGERVG++/M-PS7,00
2327 Quatro Suzi I've never been in loveStarlight ladySiRAK 63786GERVG++/M-PS6,00
2660 Quatro Suzi She's in love with youSpace cadetsSiRAKGERVG++/M-PS6,00
5096 Quatro Suzi Mama's boyMind demonsSiRAK 63562GERVG++/M-PS6,00
7513 Quatro Suzi Roxy rollerI'll grow on youSiRAKGERVG++/M-PS10,00
7930 Quatro Suzi Daytona demonRoman fingersSiRAK 94879GERVG+/M-PS6,00
4097 Quatro Suzi Chris Norman Stumblin inA stranger with youSiRAK 61907GERVG++/M-PS6,00
1701 Quatro Suzie The race is onNon citizinSiRAK 61281NLM-/M-PS8,00
62 Queen Thank god it's christmasMan on the prowlEMIGBVG++/M-PS12,00
348 Queen Fat bottomed girlsBicycle raceSiELEKTRAUSAVG++ 5,00
535 Queen MustaphaDead on timeSiEMI 62714GERVG++/M-PS,WOC25,00
595 Queen First EP SiEMI 2623GBVG++/M-PS40,00
1068 Queen Friends will be friendsSeven seas of rhyeSiEMI 201308GERVG++/M-PS10,00
1162 Queen A kind of magicA dozen red roses for my darlingSiEMI 2011167NLVG++/M-PS7,00
1617 Queen Somebody to loveWhite manSiEMI 98428NLVG++/M-PS10,00
2268 Queen You're my best friend39SiEMI 97944NLVG++/VG++PS25,00
2790 Queen It's a hard lifeIs this the world we createdSiEMI 2002157GERM-/M-PS8,00
2954 Queen Tie your mother downYou and ISiEMI 98819GERVG++/M-PS18,00
3235 Queen Now I'm hereLily of the valleySiEMI 96255GERVG++/M-PS25,00
4089 Queen I want to break freeMachinesSiEMI 2001177GERM-/M-PS6,00
4118 Queen Spread your wingsSheer heart attackSiEMI 60476GERVG++/M-PS10,00
4558 Queen We are the championsWe will rock youSiEMI 60045GERVG++/M-PS10,00
4811 Queen FlashFootball fightSiEMIGERVG++/M-PS5,00
4931 Queen Radio gagaRadio gagaSiCAP 5317USAM-/M-PS,Promo18,00
5456 Queen Las palabras de amorCool catSiEMI 64863NLVG++/M-PS10,00
6196 Queen Body languageLife is realSiEMI 64788GERM-/M-PS7,00
6209 Queen Radio ga gaI go crazySiEMI 1655327GERVG++/M-PS8,00
6984 Queen I want it allHang on in thereSiParlophone 2033607GERVG+/M-PS7,00
7436 Queen Crazy little thing called loveWe will rock youSiEMIGERVG++/M-PS6,00
7517 Queen Under preasureSoul brotherSiEMI 64626GERM-/M-PS8,00
7582 Queen Killer queenFlick of the wristSiEMI 96060FranceM-/M-PS18,00
7813 Queen Love of my liveNow I'm hereSiEMI 62877GERVG++/M-PS20,00
7913 Queen Save meLet me entertain youSiEMI 63566NLM-/M-PS10,00
8003 Queen InnuendoBijouSiParlophoneGBVG++/M-PS8,00
6522 Quelle Ernie Kommissar Maigret themeKommissar Maigret bluesSiSABA 3051GERVG++/M-PS35,00
3779 Quick Benny Twist um Mitternacht mit SusiDer fremde traurige boySiCOL 22511GERM-/M-PS60,00
7622 Quick Benny MotorbieneDenn du küsst so heissSiColumbia 22196GERVG++ 15,00
7842 Quick Benny MotorbieneTwist um Mitternacht mit SusiSiJukeGERM 10,00

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