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4891 Pace Thom MaybeFriendsSiRSO 2090361GERVG++/M-PS6,00
7332 Pacific Gas And Electric Are you readyStaggoleeSiCBS 5039NLVG++/M-PS15,00
7048 Page Patti Just a simple melodiePretty boy lonelySiCOL 42671USAM- 10,00
3983 Painter West coast womanSpace truckSiElektra 12124GERM-/M-PS10,00
1085 Palmer Robert Some guys have all the luckToo good to be trueSiISLANDGERVG++/M-PS6,00
3907 Palmer Robert Looking for cluesWhat do you careSiISLANDGERVG++/M-PS6,00
3908 Palmer Robert What's it takeJealousSiISLANDGERM-/M-PS5,00
3097 Paola Wie duEin Teil von mirSiCBS 7775GERVG++/VG++PS,Bright eyes5,00
3337 Paola Ich bin kein HampelmannSommertraumSiCBS 6665GERVG++/M-PS,WOBC, Substitute7,00
6184 Paola Blue bayouJuke boxSiCBS 6180GERM-/M-PS8,00
713 Paper Dolls Something here in my heartAll the time in the worldSiPYE 17456GBVG+/M-PS8,00
2612 Paper Lace Billy don't be a heroCeliaSiPhilips 6000139GERM-/M-PS8,00
3277 Paper Lace The night chicago diedCan you get it when you want itSiPhilipsGERVG++/VG++PS5,00
5037 Pardo Juan No me hablesLo siento amorSiPolydorAM-/M-PS6,00
1545 Paris Ryan Dolce vitaDolce vita / instr.)SiCARREREGERM-/M-PS5,00
615 Parker Teddy In CopacabanaHoliday TwistSiTelefunken 55718GERVG++/M-PS35,00
5384 Parker Teddy Bossa nova in PanamaNachtexpress nach St.TropezSiTelefunken 55486GERVG++/VG++PS25,00
4438 Parr John St.elmo's fireTreat me like an animalSiMercury 884003GERM-/M-PS6,00
1695 Parsons Bill All amercan boyRubber dollySiFRAT.835USAM-Bobby Bare14,50
5517 Pascal Jean Claude GefangenIch muss and're Wege gehenSiELECTROLAGERVG++/VG++PS6,00
6855 Pascal Jean Claude Lili marlenSag mir wo die Blumen sindSiColumbia 23277GERVG++/M-PS7,00
39 Paul And Paula Hey paulaSomething old something newSiPhilips 44005USAM-RE8,00
5722 Paul And Paula Hey PaulaBobby is the oneSiPhilips 304012NLM-/M-PS25,00
4396 Paul Bernie Oh no noI saw youSiARIOLAGERVG++/M-PS6,00
4876 Paul Bernie LuckyYou're the one in a millionSiARIOLAGERVG++/VG++PS5,00
8314 Paul Bernie AngieWeep willowSiAriolaGERM-/M-PS5,00
2200 Paul Billy Only the strong surviveWhere I belongSiPhiladelphiaGERVG++/M-PS7,00
2574 Paul Billy Let em inI think I'll stay home todaySiPIR 5143GERM-/M-PS8,00
1843 Paulsen Ralf Love in blueDie girls von NashvilleSiElectrolaGERVG++/M-PS7,00
5629 Pavone Rita Mit 17 soll man nicht weinenMein Jack der ist 2 Meter grossSiRCA 47-9513GERM-/M-PS8,00
7124 Pavone Rita Oma mama bambolaAuch für kleine LeuteSiPolydor 2041005GERM-/M-PS6,00
7885 Pegasus Hey jean hey deanWestern impressionSiPhilips 6003166GERM- 7,00
1925 People I am the preacherSeptember's sonSiVogue 11138GERVG+/M-PS12,00
6335 Pepe Lienhard Band Swiss ladyWarumSiEMI 33905GERVG+/M-PS7,00
3522 Peppers Pepper boxPinch of saltSiAlcomusic 124010GERVG++/M-PS10,00
6105 Perkins Carl That's rightForever yoursSiSUN 274USAM- 45,00
7993 Perkins Carl Glad all overLend me your combSiSUN 287USAM- 35,00
7090 Perkins Polly Falling in love againI went by your house todaySiSabaGERVG++/M-PS20,00
54 Pet Shop Boys Left to my devicesThe sound of the atom splittingSiPARLOPHONEGERM/MPS4,50
101 Pet Shop Boys Love comes quicklyThat's my impressionSiEMI/PARLOPHONEGERVG++/M-PS5,00
783 Pet Shop Boys OppertunitiesWas that what it wasSiPARLOPHONEGERM-/M-PS5,00
1690 Pet Shop Boys SuburbiaPaninaroSiEMIGERM/MPS4,50
1830 Pet Shop Boys RentI want a dogSiPARLOPHONEGERVG++/M-PS4,50
2939 Pet Shop Boys It's a sinYou know where you went wrongSiParlophone 2018887GERVG++/M-PS5,00
3787 Pet Shop Boys It's alrightOne of the crowdSiEMIGERM-/M-PS4,50
5640 Pet Shop Boys West end girlsA man could get arrestedSiParlophonGERM-/M-PS6,00
493 Petards Don't you feel like meRainy daySiLiberty 15399GERM-/M-PS15,00
2991 Petards PicturesMy worldSiLIB 15278GERVG++/M-PS20,00
2608 Peter And Gordon Sunday for teaHurtin is lovinSiCapitolUSAVG++/M-PS15,00
8317 Peter And Gordon A world without loveIf I were youSiCAP 5175USAM- 10,00
7154 Peter Paul And mary I dig rock and roll musicThe great mandelaSiWBUSAM- 8,00
7304 Peter Thomas Sound Orchester RaumpatrouilleShub a dooeSiPhilips 346018GERVG++/M-PS25,00
3106 Peters Ingrid Weißt du wo du hingehstGoodbyr rock n rollSiCBSGERVG++/VG++PS,pilot of the airw5,00
6096 Peters Ingrid AfrikaWas ich nicht weissSiJupiter 6.13901GERVG++/M-PS, Africa6,00
3089 Peters Peggy Java boyDanny boySiAriola 10722GERVG+/VG+PS10,00
4788 Peterson Ray Corinne CorinnaBe my girlSiDUNES 2002USAM- 14,50
6478 Peterson Ray Corinna corinnaBe my girlSiDunes 2002USAM- 15,00
603 Petit Matin T'as tout dit dis madamePas besoin de reveSiHansa 13041GERVG++/VG++PS7,00
45 Petry Wolfgang Wolfgang Petry hitmixWahnsinnSiJukeGERM- 10,00
665 Petry Wolfgang Ich geh mit dirIch will lebenSiCoconutGERM-/M-PS6,00
1095 Petry Wolfgang Der Himmel brenntOhne michSiCoconutGERM-/M-PS6,00
2279 Petry Wolfgang Mein zuhausUnd Sandra weintSiHansaGERVG++/M-PS6,00
2908 Petry Wolfgang Jeder Freund ist auch ein MannWer kennt julieSiHansa 17593GERM-/M-PS6,00
4764 Petry Wolfgang GiannaUrlaub unterm ApfelbaumSiHansa 15586GERVG++/M-PS8,00
4910 Petry Wolfgang Wenn ich gehEiner fehltSiHansaGERVG++/M-PS5,00
5310 Petry Wolfgang Tu's dochIch mach es soSiCoconut 103512GERVG++/M-PS6,00
5394 Petry Wolfgang Die vierte DimensionÜberlebenSiCoconutGERM-/M-PS5,00
6583 Petry Wolfgang RubyNun gehst du Hand in HandSiHansa 11647GERM-/M-PS8,00
7333 Petry Wolfgang Ich trinke nie mehr TequilaUnd die Sonne ging schlafenSiHansa 11860GERVG++/M-PS6,00
7903 Petry Wolfgang WahnsinnLügenSiCoconut 105194GERVG++/M-PS8,00
8156 Petry Wolfgang GnadenlosEinmal im LebenSiCoconut 106184GERM-/M-PS6,00
329 Petty Tom Runnin down a dreamAlright for nowSiMCAGERM-/M-PS8,00
289 Peyer Carl Von Amsterdam nach AthenGanz oder garnetSiCBSAVG++/M-PS6,00
4569 Peyer Carl Ganz ohne diEndlich bin i da bei dirSiCBSNLM-/M-PS6,00
3396 Ph.D. I won't let you downHideawaySiWEAGERVG++/M-PS,SOC6,00
5311 Phil Und John Du oder keineHast du Zeit für michSiHansa 12332GERM-/M-PS6,00
7757 Phil Und John Hello mary louHey so ein Mädchen wie duSiHansa 12184GERM-/M-PS, hello mary lou10,00
3403 Phoenix and Aphrodite I believe in youSame ( instr.)SiTeldecGERM-/M-PS, D.Deutscher7,00
5583 Piaf Edith MilordJe sais commentSiColumbia 21346GERVG++/M-PS10,00
912 Pickett Wilson International playboyCome right hereSiATL. 10307GERVG++/M-PS8,00
1494 Pickett Wilson I'm gonna love youI can't stopSiSCEPTERGERM-/M-PS8,50
2066 Pickett Wilson Don't knock my lovePart 2SiATLANTICUSAM- 6,00
2632 Pickett Wilson Engine number 9International playboySiATL 2765USAM- 6,00
5347 Pickett Wilson Hey joeNight owlSiAtlanticUSAM- 10,00
7310 Pickett Wilson Mama told me not to comeCovering the same old groundSiAtlanticGERVG++/M-PS7,00
8097 Pickett Wilson Two women and a wifeTake a closer look at the woman you're withSiRCA 16371GERVG++/M-PS6,00
5123 Pierce Webb Same ( first album ) LPDecca 8129USAVG++/M-M, second label25,00
338 Piglets Johnny reggaeBacking trackSiBell 1180GERVG++/M-PS12,00
8365 Pilot JanuaryNever give upSiEMI 05808GERM-/M-PS6,00
704 Pink Just like a pillGet the party startedSiAristaUSAM- 10,00
3099 Pink Floyd Run like hellDon't leave me nowSiHarvestGERVG++/M-PS8,00
6360 Pink Floyd Free fourThe gold it's in theSiHarvest 05086GERVG+/M-PS18,00
6731 Pink Floyd Another brick in the wallOne of my turnSiHarvestGERVG+/M-PS10,00
4975 Pirron Und Knapp Hausmasta rockDas LändermatchSiPhilips 341482GERM- 20,00
6164 Pitney Gene Something's gotten hold of my heartNobody needs your loveSiStrandGERM-/M-PS,RE7,00
7793 Pitney Gene Liberty valanceHalf heaven half heartacheSiMusicor 1903USAM-RE6,00
3247 Plastic Bertrand Ca plane pour moiPogo pogoSiHansa 11928GERM-/M-PS7,00
6149 Plastic Ono Band Give peace a chanceRemember loveSiApple 90372GERVG++/M-PS10,00
70 Platters Only youThe great pretenderSiMERCGERVG++/M-PS,RE oldie serie7,00
7116 Platters Hula hop, Smoke gets in your eyesTisket a tasket, My blue heavenSiMERC 14205FranceVG++/M-PS20,00
454 Pointer Sisters JumpHeart beatSiPLANETGERM-/M-PS6,00
2175 Pointer Sisters Neutron danceTelegraph your loveSiPLANETGERM-/M-PS5,00
5474 Pointer Sisters FireAngry eyesSiPLANETGERVG+/M-PS4,50
7837 Pointer Sisters I'm so excitedNothin but a heartacheSiPlanet 3327GERVG++/M-PS,WOBC8,00
1812 Police Every breath you takeMurder by numbersSiA&M 9287NLM-/M-PS7,00
5250 Police Don't stand so close to meFriendsSiA&MGERM-/M-PS5,00
5882 Police De do do doA sermonSiA&M 9110NLM-/M-PS6,00
6566 Police Walking on the moonVisions of the nightSiA&MNLM-/M-PS6,00
8212 Polnareff Michael Love me please love me ( deutsch)Ich will dich liebenSiAZ 3000050GERVG+/VG+PS25,00
2853 Poole Brian Candy manI wish I could danceSiDecca 11823DENVG++/M-PS50,00
7722 Poole Brian Hey girlPlease be mineSiEcco 111GERVG++/VG++PS50,00
5701 Pop Tops Mamy blueRoad to freedomSiFINGERGERM-/M-PS6,00
2353 Posey Sandy Single girlBorn a womanSiPOLYDORUSAM-RE6,00
6684 Posey Sandy Single girlBlue is my best colourSiMGM 1330DENVG++/M-PS15,00
8164 Powell Cozy Dance with the devilAnd then there was skinSiRAK 94962GERVG++/M-PS8,00
3550 Prado Perez PatriciaWhy waitSiRCA 47-7245GERM-/M-PS7,50
745 Pravo Patty La bambolaSe c'e l'amoreSiRCA 47-15062GERM-/M-PS10,00
7141 Premiers Run along babyBack again run along babySiLEO 501USAM- 12,00
33 Presley Elvis Always on my mind LPRCA PT49944 SSMaxi single 4titles22,00
273 Presley Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite LPRCA SR 6089GERM-/M-ST30,00
956 Presley Elvis Kiss me quick, Night riderJoshua fit the battle, JudySiRCA EPA 9073GERVG++/VG++PS25,00
1064 Presley Elvis All shook upThat's when your heartaches beginSiRCA 47-6870USAM-/M-PS45,00
1073 Presley Elvis Are you lonesome tonight ( Lachversion )Beyond the reefSiRCA PB 9630GERM-/M-PS10,00
1137 Presley Elvis Old shepThat's allrightSiMaybelleneNLM- 7,00
1462 Presley Elvis Wear my ring around your neckDoncha think it's timeSiRCA 47-7240USAVG++/M-PS,SOL35,00
1825 Presley Elvis Only believeLifeSiRCA 9985GERM-/M-PS20,00
2054 Presley Elvis Hound dogDon't be cruelSiRCA 47-6604USAVG++lines label25,00
2556 Presley Elvis She thinks I still careMoody blueSiRCA PB 00857GERVG++/M-PS15,00
2787 Presley Elvis Way downPledging my loveSiRCA PB 10998USAVG+/M-PS7,00
3066 Presley Elvis Hound dogDon't be cruelSiRCA 47-6604USAM-/M-PS100,00
3418 Presley Elvis Lovin armsYou asked me toSiRCA 2205GERM-/M-PS18,00
3421 Presley Elvis It's now or neverA mess of bluesSiRCA 47-7777USAM-/M-PS45,00
4773 Presley Elvis Teddy bearPuppet on a stringSiRCA PB11320USAM-/M-PS,PR18,00
5140 Presley Elvis Elvis for everyone LPRCA LPM 3450USAVG++/M-M,long play45,00
5863 Presley Elvis Good luck charmAnything that's part of youSiRCA 45-500FranceVG++/M-PS30,00
6588 Presley Elvis Teddy bearLoving youSiRCA 47-7000USAVG++ 10,00
6873 Presley Elvis The last farewellIt's easy for youSiRCA PB60202GERM-/M-PS8,00
7132 Presley Elvis Rubberneckin ( remix)Rubberneckin ( original)SiBMG 82876USAM200310,00
7217 Presley Elvis Can't help falling in loveLove me tenderSiRCA 4112GERM-/M-PS,RE oldie serie8,00
7387 Presley Elvis In the ghettoAny day nowSiRCA 47-9741GERM-/M-PS12,00
8018 Presley Elvis Burning loveIt's a matter of timeSiRCA 74-0769GERM-/M-PS12,00
8227 Presley Elvis Wooden heartTonight's all right for loveSiRCA 47-9340GERM- 12,00
5651 Press I'M gonna shot the dee jayMeet the pressSiPapagayoGERM-/M-PS6,00
26 Preston Billy Nothing from nothingMy soul is a witnessSiA&M 1544USAM-/M-PS8,00
1540 Preston Johnny Running bearCradle of loveSiMerc 30089USAM- 7,00
4856 Preston Johnny This little bitty tearThe day the world stood stillSiIMP 5924USAM- 15,00
779 Pretenders Don't get me wrongDanceSiWEA 248573GERVG++/M-PS6,00
1636 Pretty Things A house in the countryMe needing youSiStar Club 148567GERVG++/VG++PS25,00
7149 Pretty Things Defecting greyMr.EvasionSiColumbia 23663GERM-/M-PS45,00
1017 Price Alan Performing Price LPPolydor 2683062GBM-/M-ST, 2LP SET20,00
3646 Price Alan Shouts across the street LPPolydor2383410GBVG++/M-ST15,00
7249 Price Alan Between today and yesterday LPWB 56032GERVG++/M-ST15,00
944 Price Lloyd Stagger leePersonalitySiMCAGERM-/M-PS,RE oldie serie6,00
6682 Price Lloyd Lady luckNever let me goSiABC 45-10075USAM- 12,00
7177 Price Lloyd QuestionIf I look a little blueSiABC 10123USAM- 12,00
7579 Price Lloyd Stagger leeYou need loveSiABC 9972USAM- 15,00
8154 Price Ray Crazy armsYou done me wrongSiPhilips 324585NLM- 12,00
974 Prima Louis Robin hood / Oh babeI've got you under my skinSiCAP 80468GERM- 7,00
2349 Prince Take me with uLet's go crazySiWBGERM-/M-PS8,00
2700 Prince Girls and boysUnder the cherry moonSiasleyGERM-/M-PS6,00
3869 Prince When doves cry17 daysSiWBGERVG++/M-PS,SOC5,00
4468 Prince Purple rainGodSiWBGERM-/M-PS6,00
7009 Prince Pop lifeHelloSiPaisley ParkGERM-/M-PS6,00
5223 Prisonaires What'll you do nextThere is love in youSiSUN 207USAM-RE14,50
4276 Proby P.J. Work with me annieYou can't come home againSiLiberty 15008GERVG++/VG++PS12,00
5083 Proby P.J. Enigma LPLIB LST 7497USAVG++/M-ST28,00
7411 Proby P.J. Niki HoekyGood things are coming my waySiLIB 23427GERVG++/VG++PS30,00
7188 Proclaimers I'm gonna be 500 milesBetter daysSiEMIUSAM 8,00
8150 Proclaimers King of the roadLulu selling teaSiElectrolaGERM-/M-PS7,00
705 Procol Harum Grand HotelRobert's BoxSiChrysalis 6155010GERVG++/M-PS12,00
4218 Procol Harum ConquistadorHomburgSiCUBE 2016032GERM-/M-PS8,00
5008 Procol Harum Souvenir of londonRobert's boxSiChrysalis 109FranceM-/M-PS10,00
5443 Procol Harum A souvenir of londonToujours lamourSiChrysalisGERVG++/M-PS10,00
7225 Procol Harum Grand hotel LPChrysalis 1037USAVG++/M-ST,CO18,00
1230 Prokopetz Joesi Lauter so Burschen wie mirMir geht's gar net guatSiEMI COL 1334137AVG++/M-PS,WOC8,00
3789 Prokopetz Joesi ParkverbotWer isn desSiGIGAM-/M-PS5,00
5382 Prokopetz Joesi Na guat daunn netAaiiooeeSiGIG 6.14407GERVG++/M-PS, SWOC6,00
8272 Prokopetz Joesi Sind sie singleSo weit wegSiEMI 133388GERVG++/M-PS,SWOC7,00
8349 Proudfoot Delta queenDelta bluesSiAriola 12376GERM-/M-PS8,00
4380 Prünster Klaus WunderweltTeleflipperSiGIG 111128AVG++/M-PS7,00
4315 Puckett gary Lady willpowerDaylight strangerSiCOLumbiaUSAVG++/VG++PS8,00
5821 Puckett Gary This girl is a woman nowHis other womanSiCBS 4505NLVG++/VG++PS12,00
3793 Pullins Leroy The interstate is coming through my outhouseSwimming at the bottom of the poolSiKapp119NLVG++/VG++PS25,00
5170 Pullins Leroy Funny bones and hearts LPKapp KS 3557USAM-/M-ST, timing strip on frontcover40,00
6650 Pumps The night is youngFrench post cardSiStarndGERM-/M-PS5,00
6743 Purple Schulz Verliebte JungsSchöne ZeitSiEMI 147055GERM-/M-PS7,00
616 Pussycat DaddyThree steps and thenSiEMIGERVG++/M-PS6,00
1834 Pussycat Doin la bambaOn the corner of my lifeSiEMI 26518GERM-/M-PS6,00
2249 Pussycat SmileWhat did they do to the peopleSiEMIGERVG++/M-PS6,00
4659 Pussycat Same old songStupid cupidSiEMIGERVG++/M-PS,WOC6,00
5015 Pussycat MississippiLieb michSiEMI 25371GERVG++/VG++PS15,00
6262 Pussycat GeorgieHeute heute heuteSiEMI 25379GERVG++/VG++PS15,00
7509 Pussycat MississippiDo itSiEMI 25312GERVG+/M-PS6,00
7735 Pussycat GeorgieTake meSiEMI 25361GERVG++/M-PS6,00
8184 Pussycat Wet day in septemberI remember springtimeSiEMI 25956GERVG++/M-PS6,00
1414 Python Monty The bright side of lifeI'm so worriedSiPYTHGERM/MPS4,50

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