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5972 Ocean Put your hand in the handTear down the fencesSiKama Sutra 2013017GERM-/M-PS8,00
3679 Ocean Billy When the going gets tough the tough get goinSame (instr.)SiJIVEGERM-/MPS4,50
621 O'connor Sinead Nothing compares 2 uJump in the riverSiChrysalisGERM-/M-PS6,00
7852 Octopus Laugh at the poor manGirlfriendSiPenny Farthing 270802GERM-/M-PS15,00
1090 O'Day Alan Undercover angelJust youSiAtlantic 10926GERM-/M-PS6,00
5047 Odeon orchestra MelissaWalter and Connie reportingSiODEONGERM-/M-PS7,50
3762 Odyssey Going back to my rootsBaba awaSiRCAGERVG++/M-PS,WOC4,50
6090 Ofarim Esther Morgen ist alles vorüberBonjour L'amourSiPhilips 345650GERVG++/M-PS8,00
3344 Ofarim Esther And Abi Cinderella rockefellaLonesome roadSiPhilips 384508NLM-/M-PS10,00
1434 Ofarim Esther Und Abi Noch einen TanzWenn ich bei dir sein kannSiPHILIPSGERVG+/M-PS7,00
5723 Ofarim Esther Und Abi Don't think twice it's alright900 miles from my homeSiPhilips 345866NLVG++/M-PS20,00
6045 Offenbach Und Terry Nie wieder alleinYa ya YamaikaSiEMIGERM-/M-PS12,00
7454 Offenbach und Terry Woran mag es liegenWeißt du was du mich kannstSiCrystal 45974GERM-/M-PS, Sweet september7,00
6369 Ohio Express Chewy chewyFirebirdSiBuddahFranceVG++/M-PS,WOC7,00
7543 O'kaysions Girl watcherDeal me inSiABCUSAM- 10,00
2513 Old Formation Rain in the cityBip bop boomSiCBS 2020AVG++/M-PS15,00
215 Oldfield Mike Discovery LPVirginGERM-/M-ST6,00
1586 Oldfield Mike To franceIn the poolSiVIRGINGERVG++/M-PS5,00
2147 Oldfield Mike ArrivalPolkaSiVirgin 102389GERVG++/M-PS6,00
2733 Oldfield Mike GuiltyExcerpts from incantationsSiVirgin 100439GERVG++/M-PS7,00
4741 Oldfield Mike Moonlight shadowRite of manSiVirgin 105390GERM-/M-PS6,00
5416 Oldfield Mike In dulcio jubiloOn horsebackSiVirgin 16655GERVG+/M-PS,WOC12,00
5558 Oldfield Mike Crime of passionJungle gardeniaSiVIRGINGERVG++/VG++PS5,00
6168 Oldfield Mike Blue peterWoodhengeSiVirgin 101352GERVG++/M-PS10,00
6469 Oldfield Mike Shadow on the wallTaurus 3SiVirgin 105780GERM-/M-PS7,00
7468 Oldfield Mike Wonderful landShebaSiVirginGERVG++/M-PS7,00
7552 Oldfield Mike Family manMount teideSiVirgin 103793ESPVG+/M-PS12,00
7800 Oldfield Mike Mistake / The peakFamily man / Mount teideSiVirgin 104678-100GERVG++/M-PS, EP7,00
3720 Oldfield Sally You set my gypsy blood freeWater bearerSiBRONZEGERVG++/MPS6,00
5531 Oliver Good morning starshineCan't you seeSiCBS 4435GERVG+/M-PS10,00
3067 Oliver Onions SandokanSweet blue ladySiRCA 6091GERM-/M-PS7,00
3477 Oliver Onions Flying through the airPlata and saludSiRCA 16282GERVG++/M-PS8,00
3717 Oliver Onions Santa mariaSuperdonnaSiPOLYDORGERVG++/M-PS6,00
4239 Oliver Onions La libertaLa libertaSiRCA 6133GERM-/M-PS7,00
4864 Oliver Onions Quanto sei bella staseraAncora ioSiPolydor 2040310AVG++/M-PS8,00
8008 Oliver Onions Zorro is backTo you mi chicaSiRCA 1106GERVG++/M-PS8,00
8130 Oliver Onions BulldozerJust a good boySiPolydor 2040211GERVG++/M-PS8,00
3761 Olsen Brothers Marie marieFeelss like I'm crazySiRCAGERM/M-PS14,50
3833 OMD Sailing on the seven seasBurningSiVirgin 113790GERM-/M-PS6,00
1399 One Family Yellow kangarooBlue MondaySiBellaphonAVG++/M-PS15,00
2656 Opratko Robert Bitte recht freundlichHoch am TrapezSiAriola 101559GERM-/M-PS, Ö350,00
700 Opus Rock on the rocksDreamin takes you awaySiPOLYDORGERVG++/M-PS6,00
1248 Opus Flyin highOpus pocusSiOKAM-/M-PS5,00
1648 Opus When the night comesDance little sisterSiPolydorAVG++/M-PS6,00
2676 Opus Faster and fasterDeep insideSiPOLYDORGERVG++/M-PS4,50
3662 Opus The opusitionAgain and againSiOKAM-/M-PS4,50
4231 Opus WhitelandWalking along with youSiPolydor 887054AM-/M-PS6,00
4868 Opus Live is lifeUp and downSiPolydor 881792GERM-/M-PS6,00
6465 Opus ElevenKeep your mindSiOK 76.11850AM-/M-PS6,00
7592 Opus IdolaterRock on the rocksSiPolydor 883745AM-/M-PS7,00
1861 Orbison Roy California blueBlue bayouSiVirginNLVG++/M-PS,WOC10,00
2258 Orbison Roy Pretty womanYo te amo mariaSiLond 5503DENVG++/M-PS18,00
2307 Orbison Roy All time greatest hits LPMON PZG 31484CANM-/M-ST,2LP25,00
2948 Orbison Roy You got itThe only oneSiVirginNLM-/M-PS8,00
5725 Orbison Roy Dream babyThe actressSiMON 456USAVG++/M-PS25,00
5803 Orbison Roy Pretty paperSummersongSiLOND 9930GBM-/VG++PS25,00
6228 Orbison Roy Running scaredLove hurtsSiMON 45-438USAVG++/VG++PS25,00
7348 Orbison Roy Mean little mamaProblem childSiCOL 22859GERM-/M-PS45,00
7612 Orbison Roy Blue angelPaper boySiMon. 1915USAM-RE6,00
7743 Orbison Roy LeahWorking for the manSiMON 1902USAM-RE8,00
7819 Orbison Roy Oh pretty womanClaudetteSiVirgin 99159USAM/MPS, live8,00
5539 Orlando Riva Sound Fire on the waterThe blazeSiARIOLAGERVG++/M-PS6,00
300 Orloff Peter Jeder hat dich gern einer hat dich liebDer Dieb von BagdadSiDecca 29150GERM-/M-PS7,00
5620 Orloff Peter Immer wenn ich Josy sehBlue baby belindaSiAladin 32870GERVG++/M-PS25,00
5992 Orloff Peter Ein Engel auf UrlaubWenn die Welt in Scherben zerfälltSiDecca 29232GERM-/VG++PS, no one knew8,00
7525 Orloff Peter Das brennt so heiss wie Feuer SiDecca 29058GERM-/M-PS, PROMO6,00
8333 Orloff Peter Bettler und PrinzDu siehst aus wie die LiebeSiAlladin 32557GERVG++/M-PS, needles and pins10,00
3564 Orlons Not meMy best friendSiCAMEO 257USAM-/VG++PS18,00
466 Orsolics Hans Mei potschertes leb'nInstr.SiKIWI 1599AVG++/M-PS15,00
7060 Osbourne Ozzy ParanoidSympton of the universeSiJET810NLVG+/M-PS8,00
7109 Osmond Donny And Marie I'm leaving it up to youThe umbrella songSiMGMGERM-/M-PS7,00
7 Osterwald Hazy PaschangaBei mir ist nix amoreSiPolydor 24396GERVG++/M-PS10,00
237 Osterwald Hazy Spielt auf SiHeliodor 460017GERVG++/M-PS, 4 titles EP15,00
841 Osterwald Hazy PanoptikumTabakeraSiPolydor 24165GERM- 15,00
3134 Osterwald Hazy Whisky pur, TabakeraDie rimadonna von der Skala von Milano, Folgen sieSiPolydor 76524GERM-/M-PS,EP15,00
7380 Osterwald Hazy Das alte RiverbootCiribiribinSiPolydor 24559GERM-/M-PS10,00
8126 Osterwald Hazy Aber morgen haben wir GeldSchokolataSiPolydor 24661GERM- 15,00
1049 O'Sullivan Gilbert What's in a kissDown down downSiCBSNLVG++/M-PS5,00
3635 O'sullivan Gilbert Came to see me yesrerdayI didn't know what to doSiPolydor 2041530GERM-/M-PS7,00
3771 O'Sullivan Gilbert Ooh babyGood companySiMAMGERM-/M-PS5,00
3772 O'Sullivan Gilbert ClairOoh wakka doo wakka daySiMAMUSAM-/M-PS6,00
7959 Otis And Carla When something is wrong with my babyOoh carla ooh otisSiATL 70377GERVG++/VG++PS,SWOC15,00
3443 Otis Johnny Lizzie and the hand jiveFonkitupSiRed Hot 502USAM- 7,00
5228 Otis Johnny Mumblin mosieHey baby don't you knowSiCAP 4326USAM- 22,00
4912 O-Town We fit togetherLove should be a crimeSiJ RecordsUSAM20017,00
1706 Ottawan DISCODISCO (french)SiCarrere 2044160GERM-/M-PS6,00
3757 Ottawan You're OKT'es OKSiCARREREGERVG++/M-PS5,00
6480 Ottawan Hands upHands up ( instr.)SiCarrereAM-/M-PS5,00
8226 Overheidt Werner Küsse sind süsser als WeinDie Nacht ist so schön für die LiebeSiPhilips 345034GERVG++Kisses sweeter than wine6,00
4808 Owen Bradley Quintet Big guitarSentimental dreamSiDECCA 30564USAVG+ 7,50
149 Owens Buck Instrumental hits of LPCAP ST 2367USAVG++/M-ST30,00
6109 Owens Buck Together again / My heart skips a beat LPCAP T 2135USAM-/M-M35,00

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