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499 Eagles New kid in townVictim of loveSiAsylum 13069NLVG++/M-PS7,00
869 Eagles Hotel californiaPretty maids all in a rowSiAsylum 13079NLM-/M-PS8,00
1413 Eagles The long runThe disco stranglerSiAsylum 12404GERM-/M-PS6,00
5755 Eagles Funky new yearPlease come home for christmasAsylum 13145GERVG++/M-PS6,00
6879 Eagles Heartache tonightTeenage jailSiAsylum 12394NLM-/M-PS7,00
7064 Eagles One of these nightsVisionsSiAsylum 13020ItalyVG++/M-PS7,00
7110 Eagles The greeks don't want to be freaksI can't tell you whySiAsylum 12418NLVG++/M-PS7,00
7276 Eagles Hotel california LPAsylum 53051GERVG++/M-ST12,00
6298 Earls Remember thenLet's waddleSiOld town 1130USAM-RE8,00
2550 Earth Wind And Fire StarYou and ISiCBSGERM-/M-PS6,00
3957 East Of Eden Sin city girlsAll our yesterdaysSiPolydor 2001467GERM-/M-PS8,00
5400 Easton Sheena For your eyes onlySame (instr.)SiLIBERTYNLVG+/M-PS5,00
5628 Easton Sheena Morning trainMoodySiEMINLM-/M-PS6,00
7634 Easton Sheena 9 to 5MoodySiEMI 07351GERM-/M-PS6,00
2902 Eastwood Clint Stop that trainMonkey manSiGREENSLEEVESGERM-/M-PS,w/G.Saint6,00
2864 Easy Beats Who'llbe the oneSaturday nightSiUA 67102GERVG++/M-PS,SWOC25,00
1853 Easybeats Friday on my mindGood timesSiUA 35960GERVG++/M-PS,RE oldie serie7,00
6438 Easybeats Friday on my mindMade my bedSiUA 67097GERVG++/M-PS20,00
456 EAV Kann den Schwachsinn Sünde seinDie Braut und der MatroseSiCOL 1334457AM-/M-PS6,00
1484 EAV Ding dongDing dong ( 3.23)SiColumbiaAVG++/M-PS5,00
2751 EAV AfricaStolzer FalkeSiEMI 1333137AM-/M-PS6,00
2877 EAV Einer geht um die WeltWo ist der KaiserSiEMIAM-/M-PS12,00
3451 EAV JamboJambo uleleSiEMI 133487AM-/M-PS6,00
5690 EAV Burli burli burliKurti kurti kurtiSiCOLUMBIAAM-/M-PS12,00
5918 EAV Ba Ba BankrobberyIt's all over the grapevine ( Steve Mancha)SiCOL9138GBM- 30,00
5943 EAV Küss die Hand schöne FrauSpitalo a la carte mixSiColumbiaAVG++/M-PS5,00
6011 EAV Heisse NächteHeldenSiEMI 133382AM-/M-PS6,00
6222 EAV Alpen rapI hab des gfühlSiEMI 1333107GERM-/M-PS6,00
6328 EAV MärchenprinzEinsamkeitSiCOL 133375AM-/M-PS6,00
6977 EAV SamuraiTarzan und JaneSiEMI COL 1334717AM-/M-PS,WOC6,00
8032 EAV AfrikaStolzer FalkeSiCOL 1333137AM-/M-PS6,00
8332 EAV Wir jettenGo Karli goSiEMI 133345AVG++/M-PS8,00
3486 Ebstein Katja TheaterGetrennt von Tisch und BettSiAriola 101551GERM-/M-PS7,00
6050 Ebstein Katja Wunder gibt es immer wiederIch will ihnSiLiberty 15317GERVG++/M-PS7,00
6204 Ebstein Katja Wir leben wir liebenManche LeuteSiUA 35334GERM-/M-PS6,00
272 Ecco HexenHexen HintergrundSiAriola 108953AVG++/M-PS10,00
5893 Echo Echo Nur dein ClownGertrud das MammutSiWEA24-9463GERVG++/M-PS, only you7,00
212 Eckhardt Volker Lieder sind mein HerzschlagDu bist daSiColumbiaGERVG++/M-PS,PR, MUSIC8,00
1877 Edelweiss Bring me EdelweissKitz Stein HornSiGIGAM-/VG++PS5,00
7714 Edgar Broughton Band Hotel roomCall me a liarSiHarvest 04853GERVG+/M-PS,SWOC15,00
6709 Edgar Winter Group Round and roundCatchin upSiEpic 1064GERM-/M-PS10,00
5807 Edison Lighthouse Love growsEvery lonely daySiBell 1091GERVG++/M-PS,SOC8,00
846 Edmunds dave I hear you knockingBlack billSiBlueprint 2010GBM-tri5,00
1587 Edmunds Dave I hear you knockingBlack billSiMAMGERVG++/M-PS8,00
1991 Edmunds Dave Baby I love youMaybeSiRCA 16226GERM-/M-PS6,00
7486 Edmunds Dave Singing the bluesBoys talkSiSwan Song 19422GERM-/M-PS6,00
8221 Edwards Jackie White christmasPeaceful ManDominion 6030NLVG++/VG++PS, white vinyl15,00
7737 Edwin Hawkins Singers Oh happy dayJesus lover of my soulSiBuddah 201048GERVG++/M-PS8,00
6780 Eela Craig Mo bike jiveCarry onSiAriola 103022GERM-/M-PS18,00
8040 Eela Craig A spaceman came travellingHeaven salesSiVertigo 6147021GERM-/M-PS18,00
8299 El Pasador Amada mia amore mioSin sabeSiPhilips 6198159GERVG++/VG++PS5,00
2022 Ellery Dan Bop a lenaNo other babySiRCA 47.9609GERVG++/VG+PS30,00
2037 Elliot Shawn Shame and scandal in the familyMy girlSiROULETTEFRAVG++ 6,00
5871 Elliott Shawn Shame and scandal in the familyMy girlSiVogue 14425GERVG++/VG++PS15,00
5467 Ellis Cindy Nicht ein einziges malDenkst du noch an michSiPOLYDORGERM-/M-lochcover15,00
1004 ELO Don't bring me downDreaming of 4000SiJET 503GERVG++/M-PS6,00
2101 ELO Rock n roll is kingAfter allSiJET 7034NLM-/M-PS6,00
2530 ELO The diary of horace wimpDown home townSiJETNLVG++/M-PS,WOC5,00
2532 ELO Hold on tightWhen time stood stillSiJETNLM-/M-PS5,00
6372 ELO ConfusionLast train to londonSiJET 166NLM-/M-PS6,00
6427 ELO skyOne summer dreamSiUAGERVG++/M-PS6,00
6629 ELO Shine a little loveJungleSiJETGERM-/M-PS5,00
7164 ELO XanaduI'm aliveSiJET 179NLM-/M-PS6,00
1645 ELP Peter gunnKnife edgeSiAriolaGERVG++/M-PS7,00
7518 ELP Lucky manFrom the beginningSiAtlanticUSAM-RE6,00
7173 Emerson Keith Honky tonk train bluesBarrel house shake downSiManticore 16964GERM-/M-PS10,00
1214 Engel Detlef Si si siIch bin nicht so wie alle andernSiTelefunken 55306GERM- 15,00
2542 Engel detlef Mister blueJunges GlückSiTelefunken 55208GERM-/M-PS15,00
7566 Engel Detlef Komm zu mir DarlingAlle twens gehen heut tanzenSiTelefunken 55155GERVG++Come softly to me8,00
7976 Engel Detlev Rote RosenHimalajySiTelefunken 55704GERM-/M-PS, bossa nova18,00
7325 Engelbert Release meStaySiDecca 25283GERVG++/M-PS10,00
4902 Engemann Paul Scarface SiMCAGERM-/MPS4,50
395 English Scott BrandyLead me backSiPhilipsGERVG++/M-PS,SWOC20,00
5193 Enya Orinoco flowOut of the blueSiWEAGERM-/M-PS5,00
1288 Epps Preston Bongo rockBongo partySiOriginal Sound 04USAVG++ 15,00
138 Equals Help me simoneLove potionSiPRESIDENTGERVG++/M-PS6,00
1047 Equals Funky funkyLet's do it againSiPRESIDENTGERVG++/M-PS7,50
2178 Equals DiversionHere today gone tomorrowSiPRESIDENTGERVG++/M-PS7,50
3428 Equals Green lightLove potionSiPRESIDENTGERM-/M-PS7,50
5339 Equals I can't let you goLonelySiPRESIDENTGERVG++/M-PS6,00
6607 Equals Baby come backHold me closerSiPresident 19456GERVG++/VG++PS12,00
6183 Erhardt Heinz PeppercornFährt der alte Lord fortSiElectrola 22674GERM-/M-PS20,00
234 Eruption Go johnny goCall my nameSiHANSAGERVG++/M-PS5,00
448 Eruption I can't stand the rainBe yourselfSiHANSAGERM-/M-PS6,00
1614 Eruption Fight fight fight LPHansa 201716-320GERVG++/M-ST12,00
1902 Eruption One way ticketLeft me in the rainSiHANSAGERVG++/VG++PS5,00
5166 Eruption Same LPHansa 34069GERVG++/M-ST12,00
478 Erwin Bros Nur mit dirSich in sich verlierenSiLB 13594AM-/M-PS8,00
885 Eskens Margot Vergiss nicht dass ich bei dir binDie Sterne der LiebeSiPolydor 24436GERM-/M-PS /Rene Carol10,00
1308 Eskens Margot MamaBald schon da sehn wir uns wiederSiPOLYDORGERM-/M-PS5,00
2020 Eskens Margot Oh smoky oh smokyMelodie von laramieSiPolydor 52147GERVG++/M-PS12,00
7328 Eskens Margot MarioSpiel mir den Walzer d'amorSiPolydor 23741GERM-/M-PS10,00
7861 Eskens margot Au meiner kleinen HaziendaWenn du wiederkommstSiPolydor 23699GERVG++/M-PS, my adobe hacienda12,00
5268 Esposito Tony Papa chicoAs tu asSiHansa 107661GERM-/M-PS6,00
7996 Europe The final countdownOn broken wingsSiEpic 7127NLM-/M-PS6,00
4738 Eurythmics Love is a strangerMonkey monkeySiRCAGERVG++/M-PS7,00
1087 Evans Paul Since I met you babyMidnight specialSiGuarateed 205USAM- 15,00
3293 Evans Paul Hello this is joannieLullabye tissue paper co.SiPolydor 2066932GERM-/M-PS8,00
1333 Everly Brothers Till I kissed youOh waht a feelingSiCAD 1369USAM- 12,00
1467 Everly Brothers On the wings of a nightingaleAsleepSiMercury 880213GERVG++/M-PS10,00
3256 Everly Brothers Wake up little susieMaybe tomorrowSiLond. 8498GBVG++tri15,00
3851 Everly Brothers Till I kissed youBird dogSiJanus 612139GERM-/M-PS,RE, oldie serie6,00
7912 Everly Brothers Wake up little susieThe price of loveSiWBGERM-/M-PS,RE oldie serie7,00
79 Exile Kiss you all overThere's been a changeSiRAK 61351GERVG++/M-PS6,00
1143 Exile How could this go wrongBeing in love with you is easySiRAKGERVG+/M-PS5,00
3174 Exile The part of me that need you mostLet's do it againSiRAKGERVG++/VG++PS4,50
6660 Exile Too proud to cryDestinySiRAKGERM-/M-PS5,00
647 Explosion Terry Disco polkaTomorrow I will marrySiHansa 16771GERM-/M-PS8,00
2280 Extrabreit Hurra hurra die Schule brenntAllegro für AnnemarieSiMetronome877650GERVG++/M-PS, Remix 906,00

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